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Friday, 12 July 2013

Professional Makeup Tools, Get The Makeup Artist Look Almost Effortless

Initially I was hesitant about trying a new brand, but I sure am happy I did! Now I wonder why I was so hesitant, this brush kept it's promises, and at a low price. Maybe You are like me and have a lot of makeup tools already. To often I purchased them low cost and most of them I never use, and quit frankly - they are worthless! Now, I decided to try buying high quality, and decided to try the new Brand 'Flawlessly Me'
As a huge fan of (I absolutely LOVE the fast delivery and the money back guarantee). I ordered my new brush over the internet. As I have come to expect my new brush was at my doorstep the very next day. I just wanted to try it out right away, and I must say that 'Flawlessly Me' Is not exaggerating when they claim that their new blending brush might possibly be the softest thing to ever touch my face. I was ready to ship this tool back if it didn't deliver what it promised, needless to say I didn't have to bother with that. Actualy, I woulden't seni
Here are a run down of the things that convinced me to try this particular makeup brush, that I have learned to be true.
- It works with both creams and powders. - It really does pick up product very well, and leaves my skin looking flawless. - Use this brush two ways, big enough to apply concealer, precise enough to use as an eyeshaddow blender!
What's more I really appreciate that this brush is made in USA and that it's synthetic. It makes me happy that no animals have to suffer for me to look good. As a vegan (or at least i trying :-D ) insist that my household products are made with care. Both when it comes to the whole enviromental situation and off course animal rights.
I don't recall being this happy for such a small purchase in a long time, it really does make a big difference buying high end products. And at this price it's really an easy decision. Head over to Amazon and have a look, I am certain you will agree that this is one of the best things you have done for your beauty routine in - like forever! I know for a fact that I'm ready to see what Flawlessly Me has in store for us next time.
If you want to have a look at how a really luxary makeup brush looks like you should check it out on Amazon.


  1. I am ready to drop some cash on high quality vegan brushes to replace all the animal hair ones I am currently using. I’ve had some of my animal hair ones for quite a few years now and I had purchased/was given them before I came to the decision to go cruelty-free with my cosmetic collection.

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